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Saturday, July 23, 2011


(H&M dress -here turned into a skirt-, H&M top, vintage jewelry, Accessorize clutch)
(photos by Lehel Vajda)
At a certain point in life every girl has a dream about how it would be if she were a makes me smile because I was never into fairytales so I don't remember myself dreaming about being a princess.
Now I wonder if either there is something wrong with me (and I doubt it :) ) or maybe I am just wrong when I say every little girl dreams about it. Anyhow..wearing a long dress or skirt makes you feel somehow princess like, it gives you a certain arogant grace, if that is possible :). From time to time we should let ourselves get a feel of the royal touch..though it may be a piece of clothe or something else...whatever makes you find a scent of "royal"..

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