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Thursday, December 15, 2011

taste heaven

Sometimes I just want to eat something else for breakfast, and even though this is not necessarily a breakfast dish, I gave it a try one of these mornings. Just smear some butter on bread, add different choices of cheese (I used parmesan, goat cheese and portuguese cheese - Serra da Estrela) and bacon. Nicely throw it in the oven and leave it for 10 minutes. Meanwhile cut some fresh tomatoes and mix with basil, garlic, olive oil and salt. When the bread is done, take it out, spread some of the delicious tomatoes mix on it and taste heaven (my fiancé used some colored wording, that I could not reproduce here, to describe the way he tastes heaven :) ). You won't regret it!

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  1. It looks amazing! I'll try it for sure! But how about adding some roasted peppers? I have the theory that every salad is simple better if you add roasted peppers!!